To The Dads in My Life

I was raised by a father that taught me how to build things, change oil, cut wood, gosh you name it, my dad can do it.

He completely remodeled the house I grew up in, one weekend at a time. Most of my childhood was a construction zone, but I learned so much from the experience.

I’m so thankful for the hundreds of trips to Menards, ever changing projects and all the nail holes I had to fill.

My dad was always at work or working on the house. Because of him, I have super awesome work ethic and know that things have to be earned.

I know my dad didn’t have it easy as a kid. He grew up on a dairy farm in Iowa. There wasn’t much time to just be a kid he says. He went into the Navy after high school. The stories he’s told about being on a ship or squished in a submarine are enough to scare a person. There’s good stories that come with the bad. It all made my dad who he is today.

He’s a very hard worker and has the kindest heart. I get my blonde hair, blue eyes + stubbornness from my dad. And for that I’m super thankful.

I married my best friend, who happens to be the best girl dad out there. It’s hard to even put into words what I think of my husband.

Isaac is the definition of entrepreneur. He sees life different than most + is always dreaming up the next idea.

Since we both have the same mind set, our life together is never dull. We are always helping each other find the next step with both our businesses.

Our girls are learning that is okay to not follow suit with everyone else. You don’t have to think like them, dress like them. Be you + do you. Dream big, always.

Our girls have a dad that is at every function, even if he’s worked an over night shift. He’s not going to miss anything.

Along with my husband came the best father in law a gal could ask for. He’s also a very hard worker and the most genuinely nice person I know.

Dave is the best papa around. He’s always at their functions and involved in all their activities. I hope the girls know how blessed they are that Papa is always around to babysit and be involved in their life.

I’m also blessed with a bonus dad. He didn’t come into the picture until a few years ago, but he jumped right in like he’s been here for ever.

I can’t imagine what he was thinking when he met my sister and I. We are a lot to handle. Poor guy.

He’s great though. Always so ready to help Isaac and I with a house project, teaching us along the way. That man has more patience than anyone I know.

He also got a boat load of grand kids when he married my mom. Kids everywhere. But I know he truly loves them all.

I’m blessed with some pretty special dudes. All of them hold a place in my heart that I’ll always cherish.

So here’s to my dads on Father’s Day.

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