Running isn’t something that I was naturally good at. Actually, I never saw myself running for fun. EVER. I was that girl that hated cardio at the gym, I’ll run for a donut (still will) type of girl. If this is you, you’re not alone. However, something inside of me was looking for more. More of a challenge both mentally and physically. I knew I could lift weights and see the muscles growing. But that got a little old for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still lift. Because looking in the mirror and seeing muscles makes my heart pitter patter. Running was something I hadn’t given much of a chance. I have family and friends that love running long distance, so why can’t I?! 

It took some serious mental training, as well as physical, to get to where I am today. I’m not a professional, I can run a whole marathon, no problem girl. Yet. But I’m hoping the more training and races I can get under my belt, the better I will become. Who knows, maybe I will challenge myself to a full marathon one day. Later. Much later down the road. 

Since I posted my first FREE virtual 5K race, I thought I would share how I was able to accomplish running a solid 5K without dying. 

By following this chart, you’ll gradually work your way to a 5K and be ready to train for a 10K, 10 mile or half marathon with ease. 


A few tips and tricks I have learned over the last year:

  • It’s a process. Allow yourself some grace and enjoy the ride. 
  • Rest days are necessary for your body and mind. 
  • Eat to fuel your body. (Clean Eats) 
  • Use supplements that are safe for you. Here’s what I love and trust: AdvoCare 
  • Run for the love of it. 


I challenge you all to run my first ever, FREE, virtual 5K between May 20-June 10. This training will get you ready for this race and the races to come.



Now that you can run a 5K with ease, the next step is a 10K.

The good news is that once you’ve accomplished a 10K, longer distances aren’t as scary. 6 miles does seem like an impossible task when you’re first starting this running thing, but for real, 6 miles will be a breeze once you’re in the routine. 

Here’s the game plan to get you ready for a 10K. 


Running longer distances is harder on your body. So be sure to rest and stretch. Rest days can be hard, especially in the beginning, but if you don’t rest, you could really injure yourself. 

Lifting weights and doing cross training, such as the stair climber, elliptical or biking are so important. Running is great, but you need to keep all your muscles working and growing. I was amazed how much stronger my legs became when I started really focusing on cross training. 

The longer the distance, the more fuel you need. 

Be sure to fuel your body with good protein and carbs. You’ll be able to tell when your body runs out of fuel while running long distances. It’s not fun. 

I highly recommend these products to keep you going during a race: 

 BEFORE             DURING           AFTER 

You can find all these products HERE. 

I challenge you to self a goal for yourself, get out there, and accomplish that goal. You can totally do whatever you set your mind to. Start small and build your way to running long distances and races.