Count Your Blessings

We are currently driving back to Grand Island from my sister’s in Papillon. It’s so incredibly cold. Like so cold you can’t breathe.

I just had to share what’s on my heart at this very moment.

I’m sure most of you are about to go out for New Years and get silly, but before you do, remember to thank God for what you have.

You have a warm home, good on the table, warm clothes and beds. You have loved ones to go home to. You have someone to call in time of need.

This cold weather has me feeling so blessed for what I have, but so sad for those who are suffering and cold.

I just spent the day with my family. Those people I call in time of need. In a warm house, with tons of food, laughter and love.

I feel for those people that don’t have a home to call their own. Those who are outside on nights like this. I pray they survive. I pray they found something to eat today.

With the new year coming in just a few short hours, I believe God is telling me that it’s my time to make a difference. My heart is so heavy and he’s telling me I need to help others.

God has a purpose for all of us and I don’t always know what mine is. But then he gives me a sign. I am to help others. I have a heart the size of the moon. It’s time to do something ginormous with it.

I pray you all have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve. Count your blessings.

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