Tuesday Treasures

Since Monday’s are usually not rainbows & butterflies, Tuesday’s can be devoted to some of my favorite things.

Things that make life better. Things that make me smile. Things that all moms should try.

This week, we celebrate the fall weather & changing skin.

My skin changes for just about every season, which drives me nuts. My skin has also changed with age and having babies. BUT I do think I have found what my 30 year old skin needs to be healthy.

I have used Mary Kay products almost my entire life. My Grandma Jan is the one that discovered this company many moons ago. She got my mom and aunts started when I was maybe 7 years old.

Since I was raised with the best skin care line out there, from a very young age I knew about wrinkles and how to prevent them. I’ve always been a nut case about washing my face and taking good care of the only skin I get.

Going through the teenage years was hard. My skin went nuts and I spent most of middle school & high school with break outs. I have suffered from acne as an adult as well. It’s not fun! I really hope my girls don’t have to suffer like I did.

I have switched skin care lines off and on. I like to experiment some, but I always come back to what I know works. Mary Kay has come out with some pretty awesome products over the years that I now can’t live without.


My day time routine is pretty basic. I’ve been using the Mary Kay ClearProof line for about 6 months solid. After having our youngest, my oily skin got even more oily. Who knew that was possible! I had tried tons of other products and never found anything that I loved. So once again, I came back to Mary Kay and I’ve been pretty happy with that decision.

I do still have some oil, but I think that will change yet again with age. So I’ll just wait it out and keep using the good stuff. The good news is, I don’t wear much makeup anymore, so I don’t have to worry about that making my pores worse.


This is my current night time routine. Now that fall is here, I’m trying to repair all the sun my face took over the summer. Yes, I need to take care of my skin all year— I know this. Maybe next summer, I’ll be better. I’m only getting older right?!

The eye cream is from Naples Soap Company. I found this while in Florida last month and couldn’t resist. It smells amazing and makes my eye area so soft. My night time moisturizer is one I found at Ulta. No 7 had really great reviews and was reasonably priced. It leaves my skin soft, but not overly moisturized, which is great for my oily skin.

I always make sure to take off my eye makeup and wash my face really well. My husband gives me a hard time. He thinks I take hours to wash my face. No, husband, I just want to wake up looking good til the day I die. So yes, I have to take a little time to take care of myself.

Happy Tuesday Friends!



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