Change Starts With Us

Happy Monday, sweet friends!

Let me tell you how much Nebraska weather messes with your emotions. Yesterday it was 58 degrees, sunny, beautiful. Today, it’s 20 something and snowing. No sun.

Totally puts a person in a funk.
So, I’ve had two cups of coffee, two sparks, read my bible and cleaned the kitchen. Today will be a good day I tell ya!

This week I am on a mission to start a movement. A movement of Kindness. A movement that will make our world a better place.

I have it in my heart that if we all join hands and work together, we can make a difference. If we stand up and spread love instead of hate, we will make our communities better.

Please join me. This is just the beginning. Change starts with us, today.



My friends at The Tee Studio and I are doing out first collaboration give away this week!

Be sure to follow my Instagram account to  be entered to win.


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