Winning on a Friday

Hello friends!

It’s Friday, the sun is shining & it’s the first day of December. What a great day!

I had taken cold medicine last night and ended up over sleeping.. but whatevs. I got good sleep!

My husband is off today, so my routine has been messed with.. I’m trying to make the best of it though.

Since he is off, I had planned on Christmas shopping today. Alone. And by golly, my plan worked.

That rarely happens as a mama, am I right?!

I took my happy little self to TJMaxx and got everything done. I am seriously doing a happy dance.

I have 3 gift cards left to buy and my in-laws…which I’m stuck as to what to buy, so that will have to wait.

But you guys! I’m winning today!

My #fashionfriday so so lame today..

Jeans from American Eagle.

Sweater is some random find from Goodmans last year.

Red kicks are from Target.

Super lame, I know.

Oh! Another win for the day::: I did my makeup with a toddler on my hip.

No joke. I watch our nephew who is the same age as our youngest. He was fussy, so you do what you have to do.

Can I get an Amen!

This week has been good to me. I’m working the next three days, so bring on the chaos.

Have a fabulous Friday friends. Keep you chin up, take that Clear Mood and conquer the day!

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