Back Where I Come From

Maybe I’m the only one that gets this way or maybe I’m just plain crazy.. does anyone else ever get this weird feeling in your gut when you’re going somewhere that you used to spend so much time?

Like where you used to call home.

Or where you grew up and spent so much time and there are so many memories that go flying through your mind..

Last night as I was getting on the highway to head toward Nebraska City, my gut was full of butterflies. My anxiety was out of control.

I kept telling myself that it was fine, you’re not going to Auburn (where I used to call home) you’re fine Kari!

I had booked a hotel in Nebraska City so I could be close to do wedding hair this morning. But God was putting my dad in my head. “Why aren’t you going to your dad’s to stay?”

So I get to the hotel I had booked… and I got scared. There was no way I was going to stay there alone. There were three cars in the parking lot and it was super dark. Nope.

So guess what, God won.

I ended up in Auburn at my dad’s.

So don’t get me wrong, I love my dad. Buuuttttt going to his house just brings back so many memories. It makes me sad to be there. It makes me think about what could have been had my parents stayed together.

Anyone else go through this?

My dad, being the lonely guy that he is, makes me sad. Why can’t he be closer? Why can’t I make myself go visit more?

So many emotions have gone through my mind the last 12 hours.

You guys are my witness when I say, I need to visit my dad more often. I need to clean his house and make sure he’s okay.

On a positive note, he made me coffee and breakfast as I ran out the door this morning to get back to Nebraska City for Heidi’s big day.

Heidi and Ben have waited for this day and it’s finally here. She looks so amazing, which, duh!!

I am so happy I was able to spend the day with her and her bridal party getting them ready.

Heidi, Jenny and I grew up together. It was so wonderfully see them. Nothing has changed. I’m not even sure we’ve aged… still 20 years old, right?!

There is a reason God had me travel to Auburn last night.. He protected me from being kidnapped probably! Seriously, that hotel is creep central.

Congrats Heidi & Ben. I pray you’re marriage is blessed in so many ways. I love you, dear friend. I can’t wait to watch you’re family grow.

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