Christmas Break is Here!

Christmas break has officially began.


I worked this morning and was seriously in the best mood. If you follow me on Instagram (everyone should) you saw my “I’m spreading love and Christmas cheer everywhere” speech.

It worked.

Today was a fabulous day. I am still so full of happiness and love. There’s plenty to go around.

I couldn’t wait to get off work, take Rae to school so I could go back and pick her up 2 hours later to begin Christmas break.

Rae and I went on a girl date after school. Just the two of us. It was so much fun just hangin with my girl.

First we went to Starbucks. Then to the mall to do the rest of our Christmas shopping.

We had to find shoes & tights for both girls and we succeeded!

Rae had gotten a gift card to the Justice store for her birthday in October so I made sure we took it along for the adventure.

She picked out 2 shirts and a ring that had lip gloss inside. We have a happy camper on our hands!

We ran to Walmart to get a gingerbread house kit. I feel like we have started Christmas break the right way.

Pizza is on the way and Home Alone is playing for the 1000 time.

I’m going to enjoy my tribe and our cozy home this evening.

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