Thirty One

I remember feeling different last year, turning the big 30. Like so much had changed inside me. Today was a little different.

I feel very blessed to have another year of life in the books. Thankful for my tribe. And so humbled by all the super kind words from friends & family.

Today was spent with my babies, in our pjs, watching the blizzard from inside our warm home.

And although today was my birthday, which is usually a ginormous deal, I had a little tug in my heart for all those who were out in this weather. Those with no where to go. Those who didn’t have shelter from the cold.

God has blessed me and my tribe in so many ways in the last year. Maybe it’s me growing up and getting wiser, but the materialistic items that come with a Birthday didn’t seem to be as important this year.

Yes, my husband did spoil me this year. I appreciate all the gifts, cake and just feeling the extra love. The last few years, come January, we have struggled to barely get by and I haven’t gotten gifts.

Still, part of me is still feeling a bit sad. I told my husband the other day that God is calling me in big ways to give back. To help those in need.

It’s a crazy feeling to be so emotionally pulled to do something. God is a power like no other.

I do need to figure out where to begin. I’m hoping my pastor can guide me. This is the year I start to fulfill my purpose in this life. Now that I know what I’m supposed to do, my thirty first year is going to be the best yet.

Thank you to all who sent me kind words. It’s an incredible thing to feel so much love, it brings tears to my eyes. I really do have some amazing people in my life.

Cheers to thirty one!

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