Overflowing Heart

It’s taken me all day to get to a point where I could ponder my thoughts. The weekend was so full of blessings, my brain and heart were on overdrive.

I can’t even express how full my heart is.

My family came to our home for Easter this year. We all live in different places and my tribe usually takes off and travels to them. But this year, they came to our home and made memories here. After they left, my husban’s family all came over.

Needless to say, we ate too much, laughed a lot and even shed some tears. It was an amazing weekend.

What’s really on my heart this evening is my sister. My one and only sister, Kitty. [Side note: her real name is Katelyn, we called her Katie her whole life til one day she became Kitty and now she goes by Kate at work. Why so many names?! Good question.]

She has only been to our new home once, because of her nursing schedule and life. Like I said, I love going to visit my family and get out of town. It was a treat to have her here for the whole weekend.

My niece is almost two, so the same age as my youngest. They are the best of friends. It was fun to watch them play together. I hope they always cherish their friendship.

Kitty and I have had a crazy, rocky relationship. Being two years apart and completely different people made for lots of jealousy, fights, tears, laughing, protecting, highs and lows. Thank heavens we have grown up and truly love each other.

This weekend, my husband and I got water baptized. I wanted my mom and step dad there of course, but it was so important to me that Kitty be there. I wanted her to see what Jesus can do. His power is incredible and he makes miracles happen. Even to those who have been lost.

I know Kitty has a relationship with the Lord, but I hope now she sees it in a whole new light. He gives us storms so that we have to rely on Him to get us through. You have to have faith in what He is doing.

My little sister is going through a storm that may be calming, but could become rocky again. Kitty, if you’re reading this, I hope you take it to the alter. Let Him guide you.


A few years ago, Kitty and I decided to get matching tattoos. We could have just gotten a little something, but no. We go big or go home. This bible verse spoke to both of us, though we changed the word brother to sister, because duh.

Watching my girls play and giggle just takes me back to all the memories I have with my sister. We had so much fun as kids. As young adults, we were trying to find ourselves and went down different paths. The older we get, the better we are together.

Life has thrown both of us good and bad things. Parents getting divorced, depression, school gradations, job changes, too many boyfriends and heart breaks, weddings, miscarriages, healthy babies, and so much more. Through it all, we grew closer. We always have each other to lean on.


We have held each other and cried together through it all. God blessed me when he gave me a sister. [Mom tells me I wasn’t all that thrilled once I realized I didn’t get all the attention. See, jealousy from the get go. Lord help me with my daughters.]

I pray my girls always know how cool it is to have a sister. Someone to shop with, watch silly movies, travel, complain with, laugh with, do life with.

Ahh, Kitty, I love you.




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