It’s the Little Things

Oh Happy Day! Spring has finally arrived!!

I worked all weekend, but totally enjoyed my weekend at the store. God blessed me with that job and I promised not to take it for granted.

I look forward to the weekends I work. It’s time out of the house. I get to be around other hair stylists and learn about new goodies.

Isaac and the girls enjoyed their time together this weekend, playing in the sunshine.

We got a basketball hoop yesterday.

I can only tell you how much my husband loves basketball. Like my love of chocolate- it’s a forever kind of love.

That hoop is going to make so many memories for us. I can already tell we will spend every evening out here as a family. Isaac will teach our girls to love the game and I’ll be the cheerleader.

With warm weather coming closer, we decided to give Raelee a new do last night.

I have only ever trimmed her hair. Her long hair was her. It made her seem small and innocent.

I may have shed some tears giving her this haircut. She somehow looks so much older now.

She loves her new look and can’t wait to show it off at school today.

God has seriously blessed me with the most loving, independence girls. They make me so proud on a daily basis.

They challenge me of course, but we are all learning how this family thing works. It’s a work in progress that just gets better with time.

Hug your loved ones.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Count your blessings.

You have so many to count.

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