The morning and evening air is becoming more brisk and the days are slowly getting shorter. Although the days are still warm, we can tell our surroundings are changing all around us.

We usually associate making major changes in our lives with Spring time. But let me tell you, it feels so good to make changes in the Fall, before the winter hits and depression sits in from having no sun. Am I right?!

Change can be scary, but seriously, it’s so good. Some big changes have happened in our lives lately, but the ones that feel the best are the little changes. The cleaning out of closets and getting rid of all the junk.


I’ve made it a point to even take things off the walls and simplify our home as much as possible. I still have a ways to go, but girl, it feels so good! Clean space is so refreshing and causes less anxiety.

Last week, while at work talkin with my super rad boss, we were discussing how great it feels to just get rid of and start over. She gave me this idea for in my closet, so I’m going to share it with you.


First I went through everything in my closet and physically held each item in my hands. If I wasn’t in love or haven’t worn it in years it got tossed on the floor. I had a pile of hangers on the floor. SO GOOD.

Next, I hung everything up backwards. With the hangers backwards, I’ll be able to see in a few weeks what I’m wearing, what I’m not, what needs to be evicted. Obviously I’ll wait to see how the first few months of cooler weather play out with all the sweaters I have, but this idea is brilliant.

I’m one that doesn’t buy a ton of new clothes each season. Not going to lie, some of the shirts hanging in my closet are like ten years old. THEY NEED TO GO. For real. Get rid of them.

I’ve even cleaned out my social media accounts. Simplicity is key for survival. I’m almost positive there is no “balance” or “normalcy” in this life. It’s just a matter of finding what works for you, what doesn’t and figuring out how to survive without losing your bananas completely.

Lately, I feel like my brain doesn’t stop running, my eyes are tired and I can’t look at my planner without a heavy sigh. It’s time to organize, get out the Peace & Calming oil and stop drinking so much caffeine. (yeah right)

If you clean house in all aspects of your life, you’re setting yourself up for success. You’ll feel less anxious, more organized and maybe can breathe a little easier without all the clutter and mess.

So dear friends, here’s to simplifying. Make magic happen in your closets, social media accounts and your brain and all the things will fall into place. At least that’t what I’m hoping for myself!


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